Experience Broadway Musicals in the Making

Discovering Broadway Inc. hosts Broadway creative teams in Indiana so they can develop their Broadway-bound new musicals and offer master classes and opportunities to learn about the process of making a musical.

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“The biggest advantage to workshops in Indiana was their capacity for focused concentration.”

“I will come back and teach for Discovering Broadway anytime, because all of my experiences so far have been an absolute pleasure”

“I loved working with Discovering Broadway! I love the students, I love the team members who have cultivated this incredible, educational, artist program, and I hope to one day, go back and teach there again soon.”

“Our experience at Discovering Broadway was completely singular among artist experiences; it was invaluable as the launchpad for this new musical that Zach is writing, and we just felt so protected it was so art-centric, and the ability to write in a safe space, and then share with the Discovering Broadway community was truly invaluable.”

“The students that came to take the classes were really incredible. They were so eager to learn and be a part of such an awesome community.”

“The whole experience was amazing, I didn’t know I could love Indiana so much. It was so refreshing and heartening to be in a space that puts so much focus and love and support towards artists making new work; it’s like, the dream”

“Our time workshopping in Indiana during October 2022 was so helpful. It gave us focus and time to just sit and rethink and reform the script. I’m very appreciative of programs like Discovering Broadway, which take artists out of the busy city, give us the space to dream, and eventually, find the heartbeat of our pieces, so thank you.”

“I wish there were more programs like Discovering Broadway for us writers. We don’t always have the luxury of being in the same room and getting concentrated time to work on the piece, especially when one of our writers doesn’t live in New York City, so to be able to have the time and resources to work on meaningful art is something that we do not take for granted, so thank you for all the people involved in Discovering Broadway.”

“It’s such a gift to be in a secluded, beautiful place, with all the support that you need to spend the time to really work on the storytelling and the script and the score and all the things that bring a musical to life so Discovering Broadway is a great place for that.” 

“Working with Discovering Broadway gave me a tremendous amount of time and resources dedicated to my own writing process. Getting to play in the sandbox with these incredible collaborators and see what works and what doesn’t work, I was truly able to start informing my pieces from the ground up. For me, Discovering Broadway was everything I would want out of a development process. We are excited to have now all of this material that we feel so confident in taking to the next stages and levels of development. I’m really grateful to start what feels like a deep collaboration with myself, our team, and everyone in Indiana.”

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