Alex Petti

“The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends” Music and Lyrics

Alex Petti is a Lebanese Irish-Catholic writer from Massachusetts who grew up as a pop punk rocker. Though his dreams of headlining Warped Tour have ended, the energy of the genre still infuses his music. He writes musical theater shows and is the front man of good thoughts, his NYC based rock band. His theater shows include The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends (Best Score – SheNYC 2018, Best in Fest – Premiere Premieres 2017), which premiered Off-Broadway at The Players Theater in 2023 and is being developed with Discovering Broadway in 2024, and The Hometown Tour (2022 O’Neill Semi-Finalist, 2023 NAP Series Finalist).

Alex is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon, a composer in the BMI Advanced Musical Theatre Workshop (2019-present), a 2022 Participant in the Johnny Mercer Songwriters Project, a 2023 Keepsake House Artist In Residence, a member of UNTITLED Musical Project, and a proud Dad to his cat, Sonia.

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