Christina Barnes

“Hamlet” Performer

Christina Barnes, celebrated for her musical theater prowess, is ready to embark on new artistic endeavors. With her formative years at Zionsville Community High School in 2015, Christina’s commitment to the arts was nurtured by dedicated mentors, Aaron Coates and Deana Broge. Their guidance played a pivotal role in her growth as a musical theater actress.

Christina’s extensive involvement in musicals, choral ensembles, and advanced music theory during high school has firmly grounded her in the world of theater. She recognizes the importance of community support for young artists in shaping the future of the industry. Discovering Broadway, a transformative presence in the Indiana theater community, is a platform that connects emerging talent, like herself, with accomplished professionals.

With a successful background in projects like “Hearing Voices” and “Animus,” Christina Barnes is poised to contribute significantly to the world of musical theater.

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