Ephraim Owens

“The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends” Concert Performer

Ephraim’s life has been immersed in music from the start. His father is a Music Minister, and growing up with seven siblings, spending many summers at footlights to production, and show choir Lawrence central, Ephraim developed a deep love for music. He resides in Carmel, IN, balancing his work and family life. During the day, Ephraim operates a rare and dangerous Hess machine called an RH1000, which crafts Cast stone similar to artificial limestone. Despite the demands of his work, his favorite moments are spent with his family, whether it’s preparing breakfast for his kids at 5:30 am or enjoying donuts with them on Saturdays. Ephraim’s determination and grit have been honed through his 6-year journey as an MMA fighter. Training 6 hours a day and cutting up to 50lbs before a fight, he found success but realized fighting wasn’t his true calling. Instead, he chose to pursue music. Ephraim also served as a worship director and Associate Pastor of Worship for the past 8 years. In a defining moment, Ephraim auditioned for NBC’s The Voice, making it to the Blind Auditions and earning a four-chair turn. Though he didn’t advance past the battle rounds, the experience solidified his passion for music. It was the affirmation he needed to pursue his musical dreams wholeheartedly.

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