Eric Wiegand

“Hamlet” Performer
“The Trouble with Dead Boyfriends” Launch Party Performer
“The Trouble with Dead Boyfriends” Concert Performer

Eric Wiegand, known for his versatile acting career. Graduating from Carmel High School in 2014, Eric’s formative years were profoundly shaped by the mentorship of dedicated teachers like Jim Peterson, Maggie Cassidy, Lamonte Kuskye, and Ann Conrad. Their unwavering passion and care left an indelible mark on his artistic journey.

While Eric’s career has taken him from college to the bright lights of New York, his heart returns to a pivotal moment in 2012 when he was part of the production of “Les Miserables” at Carmel High School. The experience showcased the magic that unfolds when a passionate cast pours their love and commitment into a production.

His impressive work in projects such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Room 203,” and “Tiny Beautiful Things” is a testament to his talent and dedication, and he is poised to make a lasting contribution to the world of theater.

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