Discovering Broadway Inc.’s sixth musical: The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends is a gory feminist musical comedy aimed at the sexy, monster-loving teen we all keep buried in our hearts and middle school journals. Stella, Grace, and Madison are three BFFs who’ve been planning their perfect Senior Prom since Kindergarten. The most essential element of a perfect Prom? A perfect date, of course. Luckily the girls have summoned their dream dates even if they are a bit, well … dead. But when Prom takes a turn for the worse, and their perfect dates reveal themselves to be perfectly monstrous, will the girls–and more importantly THEIR FRIENDSHIP–survive!?

The musical will be directed by Joel Kirk with music and lyrics by Alex Petti and book and lyrics by Annie Pulsipher. Discovering Broadway will help incubate this new musical through a writer’s retreat, followed by a concert of the new musical’s score, which will take place at The Tobias Theater in Indianapolis during Prom month on April 20th, 2024 at 5:00PM and 8:00PM. Tickets on sale NOW!

* Please Note: VIP tickets are ONLY available during 8PM show time!

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